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How to earn from Forever Living Products.

If you are ready to learn how Forever Living Products can give you more free time, financial independence, and a brighter future for your family, you’ve come to the right place! 

The great thing about forever is the ability to earn money even when you are
spending it.

The great thing about forever is the ability to earn money even when you are spending it. Essentially there are 3 ways of creating a business;

1. USE and SELL the products
2. SELL the business opportunity
3. Do both!
What’s even better is that by building your business, you’re creating a life whereby you can be financially independent, working in your own time and pace, from wherever you choose, part or full time.
You can make profit from selling the products to people. Start small by recommending to family and friends, who in turn will pass on the news. Have coffee mornings, products launch, business launch at home, seminars, health stalls in exhibitions, on the internet, there are so many ways to go about it and you will see your clientele soar. What makes the products extra special is when you can recommend something you have used yourself. This makes you sell more passionately with enthusiasm because you are genuine about what you’re promoting.
You don’t have to stock up on products, no headaches with delivery etc. Forever will help you create a website when you become a distributor with the company. Which means people can order through the internet and all you have to do is guide them and receive the profits!
This is an ideal business as something extra or part time, something you can do together as a couple or a business you build yourself. Forever will provide information on its products and lots of materials such as samples and literature, which will help promote the products. The other side is to build a business through a team. In simple terms, introduce, build and create active distributors, supervisors, managers. As they work their way up so will you, and in doing so receive a share of their profits.
FLP give great incentives, like profit share, car plans, holidays, bonus’s and so much more. Your upline will train you and guide you to meetings and seminars regardless of where you reside. FLP has 155 countries operating its businesses all over the world.
The reality is there is a minimum spend, everywhere except the USA. This means you need to buy a certain amount of products, but this is easy to claim back. How? Well buy the products and then sell them back to family and friends to make your profit.
For example, a starter pack (or business box), costs £199, and contains £250 worth of products plus, £50 of literature is included. You can sell the products individually and make 15% of the retail value, thereafter your 30% discount (or retail profit), will kick in on EVERY individual product you sell.
If any of this is of interest then keep reading to understand more about the business, and should you wish to join, then just click here to find out how.
There is actually 10 ways to earn from Forever.
1 - Retailing Profitbuy products from the company at 15 to 30% discount for personal use or see on.
2 - Personal Bonus5% to 18% when you buy products personal from the company to use or sell on, like gating a cash back from the company.
3 - Team Leading Bonus, 3% to 13% on retail sales of your group volume.
4 - Royalty Bonus6%, 3%, 2%, on 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation managers you have in your team.
5 - Jonathan Bonus, increased earnings on downline managers.
6 - Earned Incentive (car), £250 - £550 per month for 3 years and you can re-qualify.
7 - Profit Sharing, share in yearly profit program.
8 - Cash Prizesearn prizes for retailing and sponsoring.
9 - Exotic Holidays, earn trips around the world.
10 - Special Events, fun weekend trips with all expenses paid.

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