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Head Office of Forever Living Products in Arizona
Forever living products is among the biggest companies that offer different products to its customers around the world. It was founded in the year 1978. It is quite true that "All Dreams Begin Somewhere” This happened to Forever Living Products, International, Inc.  which was started on a dream and hard work. It is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It offers beauty, nutritional and health products. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar company. In the year 2006, the company was ranked 340 in the list of Forbes of four hundred thousand largest private companies. According to the latest research conducted, it shows that for over thirty three years this company has dedicated its time seeking out best sources for beauty and health in order to share them with the world.

This company was designed with the aim of helping any person who really wanted to have a better future to attain it on his own. This means to have a better heath, a secure future as well as more wealth. Also, the company is known to have a long line of products which it sells. This include: cosmetics, nutritional supplements, dietary, soaps, tooth gel products, aloe-Vera drinks, bee products, aloe-Vera based aromatherapy products, and weight management products. Therefore, if you look at this company, you realize that it focuses more on health sector than any other sector where many people in the world today are desperately looking for various supplements products today.  Another thing is that the company does not sell these products in only one country.  It sells them globally since it has already created a network of about 9.3 million of independent distributors. As a matter of fact, forever living Product Company is actually growing quickly from a dream of one man into a dream of millions and millions of people in the world. 

Rex Maughan the founder, states that the caliber of their products as well as simplicity of their business plan actually meant that any person who wanted to could also improve his or her quality life. Therefore, some of the customers of this company started just as customers who were in such of products that would help in improving their health. However, they have grown to be customers of the company entrepreneurs. Others saw some business potential and began to build a successful organization immediately.  Therefore, according to him, this is what has made the company to grow fast.  Today, the company has distributors in over one hundred and fifty counties around the world. Thus the success of this company is not from him but to all people who participated in making his dream come true through hard work and determination.

About Rex Maughan

The founder of living products company, Rex Maughan served as the chief executive officer.  He also served as president and chairman of forever resorts LLC. With over forty years of sound management and inspirational leadership principles. As one of the alumni of the USA business school, he has managed to build a number of economy- proof companies globally. For 13 years, he served as the chairman and president of the board at FLP (forever living products).  The main question is how did he start this company? Rex Maughan started forever living company with just a dream. According to him, he dream't of a home business concept which would carry two major objectives that he had in  his mind. The two objectives included financial independence and better health.  Also, he found out that through mixing a set of natural alternatives that can enhance the well being and health, at the same time getting better influence on how he earned a source of his income as well as investing his  time will make him achieve his dream. Therefore, In 1978, he invited forty three people who were to attend the very first meeting of the forever living products that was held in Temple, Arizona. In this meeting, Rex, revealed customized plan that would actually provide him and any other person with the better financial and health freedom. With the help of friends and family, the company started growing through selling different products. Today, Rex is the president and CEO of this company. He has also made many people to become independent finance.

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